New Fidget Body

A project log for Yet Another Fidget POV (YAFPOV)

Call me Slow-on-the-Draw if you like, but I think there's a lot to be learned from this project even if it's a me-too.

doctekdoctek 09/11/2017 at 04:110 Comments

A new body was needed for the fidget so that the battery and the board wouldn't fly off so easily when I spun it. The design was quickly done in FreeCAD and printed. The FreeCAD and STL files are both attached.

Have a look at the battery carrier as well. The part number is in the Parts List; I simply mounted it on a bit of perf board and ran a couple of wires to the main PCB. I put a small square of copper tape with some solder on it in the center of the perf board to serve as the negative post. Note the hot melt glue which provides strain relief and prevents fatigue failures of the wire.

Here's how it all fits together. I'm still using a rubber band to hold the battery and pcb in place while I bend the software.