New Controllerboard with Cherry MX Black Switches

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sisamsisam 10/07/2014 at 19:130 Comments

While looking for cool Projects on several days ago I found the unhappy hacking Keyboard. As I skimmed over the project logs I came across Cherry MX Switches and thought those could work better for my Controllers, because they are made to put keycaps on then. My father had an old Cherry G80 keyboard lying around and allowed me to take it in parts. Yesterday I soldered the Cherry MX Switches out of the Keyboard and began to make some tests and drilling holes for the switches in a card.

Today I soldered everything together. I used a normal USB 3.0 female connector instead of an USB 3.0 micro female connector, because I had lying around these connectors and USB 3.0 normal to micro cables and I didn't need to make new breakout boards for the connector, because the pins aren't that small on these connectors.