3D-printable robotics vehicle with bunch of sensors for autonomous drive and remote control

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Powered by BeagleBoard and equipped with bunch of sensors such as two cameras on rotated head, ultra-sound range finders, compass and GPS receiver, Veterobot is the great platform for autonomous drive. On-board WiFi or LTE connectivity could be used for tele-presence and remote control. Our adaptive video streaming solution can tolerate bandwidth variation while driving over the Internet and wireless connection. This is the only embedded adaptive video streaming solution we are aware of. Open-source software, hardware and 3D printable robot body allows endless possibilities for customization. More details could be found at . Test drive virtual Veterobot here: (use arrow keys to move and T to change chassis)

Which needs does the project fulfill?

Researchers starting in the fields of robotics, AI and computer vision usually spend considerable amount of time to build robotic vehicle to verify their software ideas. Using our platform, they can focus on actual research instead of solving standard mechanical and low-level control issues.

Powered by recent developments in online education and growing interest in robotics, such as Stanford "Machine learning" course and Udacity's "Artificial Intelligence for Robotics", the demand on reasonably priced open robotics platform dramatically increased. With Veter robot we are offering great platform to fulfill this demand.

Competitive advantages of our platform

Comparing to existing and potential competitors our solution offers following advantages. In the hardware area we provide:

  • Longer autonomous operation time with easy replaceable battery.
  • Significantly higher processing power with onboard ARM CPU and advanced TI DSP.
  • Easy customizable 3D-printed body for integration of additional sensors and actuators.
  • Simple electronic built out of standard high level components.
  • Wide range of out-of-the-box sensors.

In the software area we provide:

  • Advanced communication infrastructure for cloud robotics.
  • Support for multiple programming languages.
  • Adaptive video streaming for remote operation over the Internet.
  • Set of examples for education scenarios.

By embracing open software and hardware paradigm we and our customers have access to vibrant and large community of developers and designers. By shifting complexity to the software and simplifying hardware we were able to reduce price to very competitive level.

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  • 1 × Dagu Rover 5 Tracked Chassis with Encoders
  • 1 × Sparkfun dual motor driver TB6612FNG
  • 1 × Adafruit Level shifter 8 TXB0108
  • 2 × Sparkfun Level converter COM-08745
  • 1 × Break Away Male Headers - Right Angle 1x18 90

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  • 1
    3D print body

    For more details, please see

    We are constantly developing and improving our robot. As a result, the building instructions could quickly become outdated. However, our project wiki is kept up to date. That is why we decide to provide here high-level overview of required steps and refer to the corresponding wiki articles for more details.

    3D print the robot's body. Currently we are using Ultimaker 3D printer. All the models (original Blender files and generated STL files) are freely available from our git repository.
  • 2
    Buy electronics
    Buy electronic and mechanical parts. Our goal is to make electronics and mechanic of the robot as simple as possible. That is why we are using ready-available parts as much as we can.
  • 3
    Order PCB

    Order PCB for daughter board. Daughter board is required to interface the on-board computer with sensors and actuators such as range finders and motor controllers. There are a lot of online shops providing PCB manufacturing services. Selection depends heavily on where you are. Since we are in Germany, we are currently using services from PCB-POOL.

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