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Robots are caught in a catch-22: need the numbers to be useful, need to be useful to justify the numbers. Open source can overcome this.

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A modular, full-size, humanoid robot, that in it's ultimate configuration might reasonably approach android levels of similarity, though that is not really the aim. What we aim to make is an advanced power tool that can elevate the people that use it well, a power tool that can do daily tasks interchangeably with people - or at least the boring repetitive bits, the bits that require no real thinking.

Whilst the robot can reach out and grasp a ball using visual information complex tasks have remained out of reach, until now it seems. The latest generation of mobile supercomputers (Nvidia Jetson TX2) and open source software from Google and others have put advanced AI software within reach of all. As we begin exploring how to apply these techniques we aim to open source the physical layer of how to do this.

As an easy entry point we will shortly complete th
  • Animation of final robot

    therobotstudio07/24/2017 at 07:24 0 comments

    This is where we're aiming for:

    The first mechanical draft has been assembled but it's somewhat unreliable - we're rebuilding, particularly the electronics and hope to be ready to demo after the summer with the intention of integrating the latest in deep learning via an embedded Jetson TX2 - please let us know if you're interested and we'll release the full instructions...

  • Thumb motor

    therobotstudio07/24/2017 at 07:19 0 comments

    A single motor fitted to an assembled hand shows the kind of grip that can be attained:

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    OSA - Mechanics tutorial #01 - How to build a compliant robot hand

    As an introduction to the project we recommend building the mechanics of a robot hand. There is a complete instructional video on youtube:

    The 3d printed parts can be download from thingiverse:

    Though it can be awkward to remove all the supports after extrusion printing - it's much easier to buy a complete print at a commercial quality from Shapeways with the added advantage that it comes with all the printed parts pre-assembled:

    Simply press in 6x10x3mm bearings (available from Technobots website, part no: 4255-130) between the finger sections and add the torsional ligaments by threading nylon fishing line (100daN approx. diameter 1.1mm) through the finger sections to link the top of one joint to the bottom of the section two along i.e. the top of the knuckle is linked to the underside of the middle section and the top of the first section is linked to the top of the tip section and vice versa. Attach dyneema tendons by spreading the ends of a dyneema kiteline and embedding the fibres in polymorph. A single spring made from 3mm polyurethane tubing is attached to the top of the knuckle to extend the fingers.

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    Robot hand with quick lace ligaments

    An update to the hand build with the finger sections uploaded as separate stl files:

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Ar wrote 07/19/2017 at 18:07 point

So, is it a real project or just a thought piece?

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therobotstudio wrote 07/19/2017 at 18:10 point

The photos are of real robots built over the years, what happens next as we add AI to the mix should hopefully be thought provoking :-)

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