How to Make a Swiss Army Key Ring

A wise way to organize your keys neatly

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"Oh My God, my key chain is just a trouble! "… "Can I have my keys organized neatly? "…
If you have these questions, you just need this blog - to make an army key!
No further ado, let's begin!

DIY a Swiss Army Key

  • 6 × Key Connectors and Accessories / D-Subminiature Connectors
  • 2 × Thigh plates of the SunFounder Crawling Quad Robot
  • 6 × washers
  • 2 × M3*30 screws or M2, length depending on how thick the keys
  • 7 × M3 Nut or M2 if M2 screws

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  • 1

    Several keys

    2 * Thigh plates of the SunFounder Crawling Quad Robot [1]

    Several washers [2]

    2 x M3*30 screws (or M2, length depending on how thick the keys)

    ? * M3 (or M2 if M2 screws) nuts (? >= number of keys + 1)

    1 * Thick & Hard cardboard

    1 * Screwdriver

    1 * Knife

    1 * Pencil

  • 2
    Step 1: Insert the screws through one thigh

    Since I use the round-head M3 screws (5.5mm head), it sinks through the hole on the thigh plate. So I use two washers.

    Tips: Here I use some acrylic washers. If you don't have these, you can make them with a thick cardboard or cuttable plastic board [2]. Then cut the board based on the holes' size on the thigh and the keys. 

  • 3
    Step 2: Put a key on one screw and a wash on the other

    It doesn't matter whether to put which on which. But remember the washer should be almost as thick as the key. 

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