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This Initiative is for Hackaday providers of Electronics products and ideas for Education, to list their ideas, products and resources, and to collaborate on promoting Electronics for Education.

Visuino a codeless graphical development environment for Arduino and compatible controllers

Easy to use, low cost IoT kit, specifically selected for beginners:

Quick introduction to Arduino programming using Visuino and the IoT kit:

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Lalks wrote 07/30/2017 at 02:11 point

I don't think those kind of kits are the best way to begin in electronics... Maybe some modules with a prototyping board is enough, the time to explore the domain. But before using more complex modules for project it might be a good idea to initiate the hobbyists to datasheets, equations, draw/read circuits etc... It's only my opinion, I think those kits are too much commercials, it's a money factory for the manufacturers (because it's often expensive).

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