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A project log for Lighty - world's first robotic pico projector

Lighty is a 4DOF mobile robot whose aim is to empower pico projectors. Before Lighty, setting up a movie was really difficult.

Ovidiu SandruOvidiu Sandru 07/23/2017 at 20:232 Comments

Some people say they do things fast, they look like they're first time winners, everything succeeds from the first trial. I'm not like that. I develop things through successive iterations until they turn out the way I want. 

Actually, I don't think people succeed the first time. 

There are currently several issues with hardware and software that I have resolved. Lighty now has its own PCB with parts, not modules, it has its own wood-milled case, not something generic and its own original design. It's a far run from the first iteration, from that plexiglass prototype.

Active development right now for Lighty is in the field of hand tracking, Android app and fixing reliability issues associated with rotation and the transmission of data between the two levels (top and bottom). 

It can be done with a slip ring but there are high currents involved and a 5cm diameter slip ring is not enough for both power and signals. Future iterations will focus more on this issue and will have infinite rotation around the axis, using a stepper motor.

There are the Indiegogo backers and seem discontent with the long wait I've been putting them through, but that's the way things evolve - they take time, otherwise they come out buggy and I think that's something nobody wants.


Ovidiu Sandru wrote 07/27/2017 at 07:12 point

I only filmed the old Lighty in action (the initial prototype): 

Right now I'm working on finishing the production version for the second, and will make a video of it as soon as it's ready.

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adddube42 wrote 07/27/2017 at 07:09 point

This is a very cool project, a truly futuristic idea. Could you post a video of Lighty in action? 

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