August 11, IT'S ALIVE!!!!

A project log for Cubone! (Retropie encased in Gameboy DMG shell)

Gameboy handheld form factor capable of playing all emulation up to about a Playstation 1. I've been calling it Cubone.

nicholas-hillNicholas Hill 08/12/2017 at 02:510 Comments

     Wanted to do a functionality test, so after soldering the audio amp lines in and finding a speaker that would work for this, I hooked everything up and IT WORKS! We have controls, video, sound, and emulation people! The sound is a little on the quiet side, which again I thought could be resistance in the breadboard, but it persisted even after bypassing it. I'll look into audio improvements tomorrow if there's time, but in the meantime, we have working guts! Minus the Pi, I am seeing about a 375 mA draw on average, so depending on the pi requirements, we're looking at around 3 hours battery life on a conservative estimate.

     Who better for function tests than the best Final Fantasy ever? (Six, duh.)

     Now to order the battery and case for fit tests. The power circuit I can't do with out the battery because the battery will directly feed everything, even when charging.