Updated PCB Design

A project log for TinyFPGA Programmer

A dirt cheap open hardware USB-JTAG board designed to program TinyFPGA A1 and A2 boards.

Luke ValentyLuke Valenty 09/05/2017 at 04:451 Comment

I've made a few updates to the PCB design.

  1. I added extra staggered JTAG headers.  Each of the three rows have pin holes staggered by slightly different amounts.  This will allow you to find just the right fit if you chose not to solder a socket.
  2. I added SMD pads for a surface-mount right-angle socket for JTAG.  When I produce the boards this will make it easier for me to sell some with a right-angle socket soldered on.
  3. I broke-out all the pins from the PIC16F1455 microcontroller, as well as the 3.3 volts from the LDO regulator.  This has a couple benefits:
    1. Along with the ICSP header, you can use the board like a generic PIC breakout board
    2. You can use the 3.3v output to power your #TinyFPGA A-Series project

The latest PCB design has been uploaded to GitHub as well as OSH Park.

Sending these boards off to a small production run.  By the time I get them back I should have fixed that last few lingering firmware issues and should be ready to list them on my Tindie store.


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