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Definition of guerrilla: of, relating to, or suggestive of guerrillas especially in being aggressive, radical, or unconventional guerrilla warfare...................
We aren't fighting any real wars, but we are taking an unconventional approach. And this is an even more radical approach to collaborative learning and participation in project builds! This is a project to create projects, and everyone is a part of it.
A channel where I post progress from conception to construction on project I come up with and ones that are suggested by viewers. Viewers can follow and be involved in the design and build process throughout, making it completely open and bi-directional. Have an idea? Suggest it and I will build it, and you can make recommendations and take part the whole way! Have a suggestion for a current build? Tell me, and I'll incorporate the changes into the project! Post response videos with your own versions and mods, lets build everything!

So, I imagine the process like this...

1. Someone or I proposes an idea for a project...

2. Either everyone votes on the projects (given there's enough in the 'queue') and decides which to do..

3. The project design process happens over a couple videos and discussions...

4. The build begins and is documented, posted, responses, suggestions, comments, etc... over a series of build videos until it is complete...

5. Everyone decides where it goes from there...

If anyone has suggestions for the process, or projects, or anything really.. this will be a totally open process, so I'm listening!  I'm sure this will get more specific as time goes on, and it'll be refined, etc.. but we got to start somewhere.!

  • Formatting

    fl@C@3 days ago 5 comments

    I've been going back and forth on ideas for a format..  I'm thinking of having a couple types to begin with...there'd be the general vlog style stuff where I talk about ideas, what I'm doing, etc.. and then the actual build log types where I cover the actual build.  

    I'm wondering how much detail people are interested in seeing with the build logs....would people like to see a full walk through where I show diagrams, soldering, design drawing, every gritty detail, or a more generalized 'here's what I'm going to do...and here it is done' type..?  Either way, I think they should have enough information that someone could watch the video and replicate the project.  As well as a mirrored document on hackaday showing the project and build logs in this format for further reference.  

    Anyway, I've been doing some test recordings...trying stuff out...I am literally always building something so there's plenty of opportunity... I just got my new electric mountain board so I have covered some of that build and what I'll be doing on it, etc..  I didn't get as much of it recorded as I'd like to have, but I'm still getting used to this whole thing...

  • Gear

    fl@C@09/01/2017 at 03:51 0 comments

  • Workflow

    fl@C@08/25/2017 at 10:02 8 comments

    I've been trying to come up with a workflow for producing the videos, editing, etc...  If anyone has a suggestion for some good open source software for video editing, etc.. I'd love to hear it... I downloaded a couple and I'm not sure how I feel about them... I have an old version of premier and after effects... but I was looking for something a little newer..  I tried lightworks ( ) ... don't care for it really.  Also tried wondershare filmora ( ) which seems a little better..but not quite right.  I'm looking at the Tascam DR05 audio recorder for audio..  

    I'm also working on a format for the videos, hopefully I can get what I have in my mind to work out on video.  This should be a totally new way to share projects and collaborate, I'm pretty excited about it!

  • Got my 4K camera!

    fl@C@08/23/2017 at 08:41 3 comments

    So, I imagine this project as an open forum for open source software/hardware projects where either you guys, or I come up with an idea...then I post videos of the build process, during that process you guys can chime in and either post in the comments, here or post a response video of your own build, ideas, or whatever.  The build lasts over a few videos in the series detailing the design, build process, etc... and when it's done, there's a ton of other options.. Ultimately, the end result is a project tailored to everyone's thoughts and should be pretty cool.  

    If anyone has ideas for a project, let me know!  I just got my new 4K camera and have been trying it out... I'm going to start filming an introduction video and hopefully it'll get going soon!  I'm pretty excited about this, and I hope people jump in and participate!

  • It begins here.

    fl@C@08/19/2017 at 08:17 0 comments

    Ok everyone...  I invite all of you, make a suggestion.... comment on something... Get involved!  I'm starting off with the projects I have listed on right now, and will be expanding as I can..  Have a comment, think some part of a design needs improvement?  Let me know!  Working on your own build?  Post a response video, or pictures, modifications, whatever!  We'll all learn together, and everyone benefits!  I'll be making regular YouTube videos showing what I'm working on, and what I've got going...and you guys are invited to make comments, suggest new features, whatever!  

    Have a new idea for a project that you'd like to see built but can't do it yourself?  Let me know, and we'll all figure it out together and have a YouTube build log the whole way through!

    Let me know your thoughts!  I'm really excited to start this it's been something I've wanted to do for quite a while..  Have fun with it, go wild..!

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  • 1
    Make a suggestion!

    If you have an idea, and would like to see it designed/built/documented and have a dialogue along the way.....let me know!

  • 2
    Get involved..!

    Comment, make suggestions for changes or designs, post your own build, or just say hi!

  • 3
    Like and Follow.......Stay tuned!

    Let me know there's an interest here!  And there's going to be lots going on, so keep watching!

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