The start: prototyping magnetic alignment function

A project log for magbox the modular storage system

A modular storage solution consisting of multiple boxes with one drawer each. Automatically aligns when stacked because of a magnets!

ysteinØystein 09/06/2017 at 20:520 Comments

Finally, I got started on my modular storage solution. It is intended to be a flexible system that I can store many of my belongings in. It will be stackable, auto aligning and have accessories like wheels. But that is just my wild imagination spinning out of control. i gotta start somewhere. so I started testing the magnetic alignment idea. The idea is that each box will have a magnets placed in a triangle shape embedded in to the top and bottom plate of the box. The magnets in the top and bottom plate will attract each other automatically aligning the edges of the boxes.

So the first step is to make a small scale test of this idea to see if it works at all. I attended a shopbot rookie jam at my local makerspace (bitraf in Oslo) to make a prototype.

Here are to prototype parts! I will test with magnets when i get home!