Sprintlab : Vagara and Eye of the tiger

Our first week in an open-lab to create a low-tech microscope controlled by CD Rom stepper and its laser-cut tiger.

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During the common week, one of the tasks that was assigned to us was making a totem animal. Our group had to conceive a mammal so we chose the tiger as a symbol of power and courage. We found a 3D model, we sliced it up with 123Make in order to use the laser cutter. After 20 minutes into the ruthless machine, our tiger was ready to be assembled with wood glue. Finally, we gave a soul to Vagara adding some LEDs for tiger's eyes.

During this week, we also had to prototype a microscope x15 microscope that would move on the Z and X axis using Arduino controlled CD Rom stepper. We disassembled 2 CD player to keep the stepper, we wired the installation with a joystick and an Arduino according to operating instructions. We made the final setup taking care to keep the different wood platforms straight.


Our team : Julie, Gabriel and Clémence
Credit : So many thanks to Kevin and Daniel for their help and patience.

Presentation of Arduino controlled CD Rom steppers that will move the platforms on Z and X axis.

quicktime - 29.17 MB - 09/17/2017 at 19:26


  • 1 × Cardboard-Tiger 6 mm - 60x30cm
  • 1 × Wood glue - Tiger
  • 2 × CD Rom Stepper - Microscope 5 V, 2 A
  • 1 × Arduino Leonardo - Microscope
  • 1 × Set of wires - Microscope male-female and male-male

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