I am developing prototypes of bike maps that are simple, intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging.  These maps will inspire people to discover bike trails and lanes where they live, work, play, study, worship, et cetera.    

The idea is practical.  I have already create maps for twelve cities and published them on my website (spiderbikemaps.com).  The concept has resonated with people around the world: 



The idea is pioneering.  Most bike maps (both digital versions and paper versions) are extremely detailed and might overwhelm some potential cyclists.  My maps are much more stylized than current alternatives.  My maps are simple and engaging.  A Curbed San Francisco article describes my concept as "the Apple store of bike maps."


My idea is potentially profitable.  I am exploring the idea of transforming the concept into a mobile app.  I could generate revenue by selling the app for $1 or $2 or selling advertising.  I could also generate revenue by selling merchandise such as t-shirts.  

My maps will inspire people to use the bike lanes and bike trails where they live, work, study, play, worship, etc.  More cyclists in New York will mean less traffic congestion, less air/water/noise pollution cause by internal combustion automobiles, less road-rage, fewer automobile-pedestrian fatalities, more social interaction, less chronic disease such as diabetes and heart disease (due to the exercise benefits of cycling), et cetera.