Persistence of vision display [Chronolucciologgio]

It rotates a single LED strip very fast and gives the illusion that the display is made of continuous beams of light

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We built a clock that displays a series of arcs representing the time by rotating very fast a single LED strip and giving the illusion that the clock is made by continuous arcs of light.
The LEDs are turned on and off with appropriate timing, so thanks to the principle of persistence of vision, the eye is under the impression that what it's seeing is not a strip of LEDs rotating, but a continuous beam.
This display was made for the 30th anniversary of Quasar Design University, Rome.

The project was created in collaboration with Sara di Bartolomeo ( as the artist collective "We are teapots"
  • 1 × Raspberry pi 3
  • 1 × ESP 8266
  • 1 × DC motor
  • 1 × WS 2811 addressable led strip

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