Finishing touches

A project log for Captain Lark Game Console

A retro video game built using LPC2148 and LCD 5110 display

Anand Mahadevan S SAnand Mahadevan S S 11/18/2017 at 21:010 Comments

Project is almost done. It was a pain to get the appropriate library. We could not find one properly working, so we had to write a library from scratch. Finally we interfaced the LCD5110 to the SPI0 peripheral of the LPC2148. We are now working on a little more polishings on the library and some the functions we might require. The game logic is almost ready. Everything needs to be put in place now. Then will be the final debug. We are planning to use two tactile push buttons as external interrupts and also use the PWM interface of LPC2148 to use the built-in buzzer for game sounds to give the cool retro game polyphonic music. More updates on the way!