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Csiszár AttilaCsiszár Attila 09/29/2017 at 17:410 Comments

First of all I need to rectify the transformer's secondary output AC to DC. This was a great opportunity to learn about diodes, half and full wave rectifiers.

As always afrotechmods has a great video about general rectification:

Also I watched a couple of videos and learned about the difference between normal silicon rectifier diodes and Schottky diodes:

Using schottky would be more practical, but I happened to found some rectifier diodes (BY 133) months ago, so I decided to use them instead.

After that I watched and learned how half and full wave rectifiers works. mljorton has a very informative video about these:

In the mean time I also got my first scope (DS1054Z) so I was able to measure and play around with rectifying.