Quantity   Component name
1 × Arduino nano v3 or clone If you get a clone you need to make sure it exposes all the I/O pins, not just a subset.
4 × 09359409-MAP Sensor compatible (or 8093594090) I got these off AliExpressfor about 8 Euros a piece: OEM-09359409-Manifold-Absolute-Barometric-Pressure-Map-Sensor-1Bar
1 × 220 Ohm 1/8 W resistor Used to prevent frying of the display backlight led or arduino pin
1 × 1K ohm 1/8 W resistor used together with a 47uF cap to smooth the output from the Arduinos PWM. LCD contrast can be sensitive to this. Unlike the backlight led which is driven directly.
1 × 47uF Electrolytic capacitor 10v used with the above 1k resistor
1 × power supply or battery of your convenience It needs to output 5V for the Arduino and the MAP sensors. I used a lithium Ion battery and a small booster/charger board off Aliexpress. I power a lot of my projects this way.
1 × Power switch In case you use a battery
1 × HD44780 20x4 display used to display the menu and smooth bar graph for the intake pressures
4 × Push button switches I used small PCB switches for the prototype. Any push button make contact switch will do.