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A project log for Tactile Remote Control of a Mobile Device

Control your mobile device remotely without using the touch screen

kyle-thomasKyle Thomas 10/13/2017 at 01:310 Comments

The previous logs are descriptions of the different parts of the project, but I haven't really commented on how well it works! As of right now, the device works but there is a lot of work left to get it working well, and with a fully functional android app.  I am an IC designer by trade, with some experience in embedded systems, but I've had to learn a lot about MCUs, firmwares, and android programming to get to this point.  I've focused mainly on getting the hardware working, with the intention on working on the app later or getting other people to work on it with me.  So this log is a kind of to-do list, some things i want to work on in the future now that I have the foundation of the device working properly.