Here it is the touchpad to PS/2 conversion.

first wiring tests - the touchpad works - connected to PS/2. Funny was that I couldn't find the power line in the cable, so I directly soldered it to the pin on the back.

some pcb adjustment was required to make the size of the pcb match to the size of the touchpad.

To build the case I have used some modeling cardboard.

the cable connector sits on the right site of the touchpad. If the touchpad is placed in front of a keyboard the cable won't interfer with the keyboard.

electronics - case - thin wood frame

some textile cable with 4 wires and a 4 pin 3,5mm jack are used as connecting cable. I am working on a small custom pc project, where I am planning to build in a 3,5mm connector as usb port. currently i am testing the touchpad and cable with a 3,5mm jack to PS/2 adapter.

final case - spraypainted in black

final assembly - all parts are handcrafted to keep costs low.

final wiring - the two left over wires are most likely for the middle buttons that I am not using.

here we go ! It works, has recycled content and was cheap to built.