Eco-Friendly Personal Lighter-than-air vehicle

An Airship or Dirigible, using the cheap, widely available, & totally not dangerous element Hydrogen as lifting gas, recycled via fuel cell.

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The goal is a lighter than air vehicle, using Hydrogen as a lifting gas, which modulates altitude with ducted fans, and more importantly, by the movement of lifting gas from tank to balloon and from balloon to fuel cell, storing the fuel cell's output water in ballast tank, which can be emptied as necessary to maintain buoyancy(or pilot hydration), or, in the event of insanity, decomposed via electrolysis to make the whole thing go BOOM! (in which case the whole thing becomes a hot air balloon, complete with oxyhydrogen burner, but this aspect requires Stanley Meyers' 'water fracturing' technology)

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mellowdog7 wrote 09/23/2014 at 20:56 point
dude!!! Im in !!, I have been thinking of building somthing to fly away in... your on it ha, love it, great pic too.

Message, we can chat and confere, I have design and build experiance with HHO gene's and an awe-sort project DIY's.


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