Warning note: I am dyslexic so I am really sorry if there is any problems reading this post, if you see a big boob please feel free to comments on how to fix it.


When I first started this project I first started it as just a simple case mod nothing more, just a pi in Xbox one s case it would fit with out home set up and left room for better hardware in the future.

Once I started the project I first wanted to include the power in once place, so knowing my PC builds and knowing Microsoft's past with using very close to PC hardware I did a little check online, and found out that ever rail in the Xbox one s PSU was 12 volts at 10 amp, little over ill for what I needed but I thought I could get some kind of step down from the interwebs.

I was shopping around for other stuff in my local PC shop and saw a 12 volt car USB convert a 4.8 amp 2.4 amp per port, I had idea I could use that for now to get things sorted so I got it, for £10 I was fine with that since I could use it on the motorbike after(no longer :P) so I got it home and tested it all out to see if it would work, well it worked perfect and also would my USB drive(Not got working 100%)

After this I was going sod this I going to cheat just use this and I am done, just mount the pi and be done with it, wife would of been happy and I would be able to clean up, but the the retro pi build I was using had the script for the button should down I had to have a little play.

But even tho this worked fine, I had a problem with how and where was I going to mount it, since I wasn't able to fit it near the power button, So I looked online for a pin-out or spec for the Xbox one s front panel couldn't find anything so I got the multi meter out

Once I got the button trace found I tested it, it worked YAY, but now I felt like it was only half a job done, the light didn't work and I couldn't find a trace for it, the earth trace for it did't link up with the any trace near the pins, I just hoped in hell the light would take the power without a resister as I had none, we it's been working for a good few hrs no problems so that's a past, but have I did was wire the earth from the back of as I couldn't get the solder to stick to the front, I am no good at soldering. and soldered it to the earth of the power button so I only have one earth coming from the pi, also a note on this one you do have to enable serial in the retro pi options.

Then once all that was working it was time to put it back together, like I said before it already has room to support the USB HDD and it also has the power to run it, problem I was having with with the USB host script that is meant to build the new folders for the USB, it failed, it didn't bother me since I updated this from a 16 gig to a 32 gig for the wife so it wasn't needed anymore.


Thank you so much for stopping by and looking at this project, the final images below was me finishing it off, I never thought about doing this as a step by step or even posting it somewhere like here, I was only taking images for my self and people asking what I was doing on discord about it, once I completed it I seemed I had almost every step so I felt this needed to be posted some where since I not see this done yet, I might of missed it and if I have please comment and show me :)

Sub note: this was NOT a broken Xbox One S, it was a spare/doner system, brand new to replace parts from my current system when needed, motherboard and drives have been stored for later use :)