Clean Water Makes the World Better

Waterborne disease claims 3.4 million lives annually. Let's build open source water filtration from cost-effective, sustainable materials.

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This project is for a water filter prototype designed with the following constraints:

- Must be able to remove cholera from water.
- Should remove dracunculiasis & other contaminants.
- Must be cheap & able to be mass produced.
- Must work with brackish, cloudy water.
- Should improve clarity & taste of brackish water.
- Must support low pressure sources like hand pouring.
- Should be user serviceable & made from renewable materials; for example, no carbon filtration.
- Should be able to be manufactured or at least assembled on site in the event of a disaster.

Goal is to raise awareness of these conditions & how they can be addressed with relatively low tech solutions & hopefully inspire an entire of generation of makers to turn their energy to these kinds of problems in much the same way the open source prosthetic hand project has done.

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