Smart Thermostat

Home automation center, in a thermostat form.

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In this project I would like to create a smart thermostat, which will later act as a home automation center as well. It will capable to controll the heating system in my apartment and connect to the internet, with wifi to get some data from it.

In this project I would like to make a smart thermostat, which will later can control an home automation system. My requirement is to have touch screen, wifi, and a good sensor for measure the temperature 0.1 celsius precision. 

I already bought the display, which is an MCUfriends 3.5" touch screen. It is a nice display, and has a very good library in arduino IDE. The screen need a lot of I/O pin on the arduino, so I choosed an arduino mega, because I will have to connect a relay and a wifi modul to it. Furthere more I needed more space for code in the memory.

The sensor is a HTU21, which has good resolution and can measure temperature and humidity as well. 

The wifi capability will need because I want pull data from the web for some outside parameters, like the outside temperature, humidity and maybe display what is the wheater looks like at the moment.

I would like to log some parameters, like how many minutes/ houres went the heating system in my appartment, and after I would like to display those values on the screen in a form of a graph. Like I would like to make graphs daily, weekly and montly form, so I can see how much will I have to pay for heating.

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  • 1# Measurements and menu system

    Máté Tóth11/08/2017 at 19:09 1 comment

    I am working on the sensor placing, but I have a problem with thermal dissapation from the display and the mega, so I can not place the HTU21 sensor too close to the casing, because it will measuring higher themperature then it shoud have to. 

    The other which I am thinking of what I really like to see in the menu. I figured out, I will need 6 button or menu lap for the main menu, which will be:

    1. Time
    2. Graphs
    3. Web
    4. Setting themperature limit
    5. Paint / note, because I would like to leave messages on the screen if it needed.
    6. A Back button to return to the main screen. It will be the screen where you can see temp and humidity.

    Some more picture:

    I already have an lowe level menu, where I can go to the menu selector and back to the main screen.

    I will write about the status of the project soon again.

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