Customized wireless mechanical keyboard

I needed a custom keyboard to match an antique radio project I am working on. This was the result.

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I was working on a separate project that required a retro looking keyboard of some sort. I intend to eventually use this to control a home theater pc so wireless was a must. A 60% keyboard seemed to fit the size requirements and who doesn't love the feel of mechanical keyboards.

All of these requirements led me to the anne-pro keyboard. This keyboard fits all of the above requirements with some additional benefits. Being a typical mechanical keyboard, it has replaceable key caps which will help match the look and feel of the larger project.

I wanted to keep this a fairly quick and simple project since the larger project its going into already has plenty of complication. The mods I settled on are as follows:
- Custom walnut case to match the parent project
- Retro key caps
- wireless QI charging (makes for a cleaner case and will automatically charge when "docked")
- Battery level indicator (oddly, not included on the keyboard as it comes)

This was just meant to be a pretty quick and straight forward build to add some features and give the keyboard a look that would match another project. Nearly all of the parts were sourced off of amazon and can be found by searching using the descriptions included in the parts list.

  • 1 × Qi charging receiver (amazon) Vilight Qi Wireless Charging Receiver Module Compatible with Samsung Galaxy Note 3
  • 1 × Qi charging pad (amazon) CHOETECH Qi Certified T511 Qi Wireless Charger Pad with Anti-Slip Rubber for Qi-Enabled Devices - Black
  • 1 × Black paint pen I used One4All black acrylic. It might not have been the best choice as it scratches easily but nothing should be touching the board to scratch it.
  • 1 × Wire/solder
  • 1 × LiPo battery level indicator (amazon) Icstation Lithium Battery Capacity Tester with LED Indicator for 1pcs 18650 18550 Li-ion Lipo Battery Cell

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  • 1 fix build instruction sorting bug

    I tried adding all of the build steps but due to a sorting bug they ended up in a random order. The bug is supposed to be corrected soon so hopefully I can try adding them again this weekend.

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    Replace key caps

    There was no reason to replace the key caps at this stage and it just meant that I would need to take them off again but I was impatient to see how they looked. Note key puller that came with the anne to the right of the keyboard. No complaints about a free puller but, the wire loop ones are much nicer and I did end up buying one because when I tried to use the one in the picture on the new keys, it began to pull the silver rims off of the keys

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