21.9k 237 25 144
RetroBSD is UNIX running on PIC32 and this is a board I designed for it, evolving into tiny computer
Project Owner Contributor

MiniBSD laptop computer


32.9k 142 17 107
Why have a Happy Hacking Keyboard when you can have an Unhappy Hacking Keyboard. Real programmers only need a 1 and 0 key.
Project Owner Contributor

Unhappy Hacking Keyboard


6.4k 623 19 49
The physical keyboard for virtual reality.
Project Owner Contributor


Owen Trueblood

5k 45 8 35
Have a mechanical keyboard? You need a Hackaday keycap.
Project Owner Contributor

Hackaday Cherry MX Keycaps


3.2k 64 4 31
Communication platform: Text can be felt, as it is expressed
Project Owner Contributor

Neotype: Haptic Computing


9.2k 57 2 26
An Arduino based project to convert an old broken ZX Spectrum computer in to a USB keyboard.
Project Owner Contributor

ZX Keyboard

Alistair MacDonald

8.5k 60 33 25
A USB keyboard for custom shortcuts based on the Pro Trinket and Pro Micro
Project Owner Contributor

Pro Trinket USB Keyboard

Stefan Lochbrunner

1.7k 852 5 17
Control your computer with an IR remote
1.8k 622 7 14
Chording in space for easier control and input , an older idea for the new era.
Project Owner Contributor

Chordy KEY


2.4k 54 4 14
60 key ergonomic keyboard
Project Owner Contributor

Ergo60 Keyboard

Warren Janssens

6.2k 10 1 12
A keyboard mod.
Project Owner Contributor

Alpen Clack

Radomir Dopieralski

906 14 2 11
Cherry MX keycap with Hello Kitty on top
Project Owner Contributor

Hello Kitty Keycap

Melissa Viernes

1.6k 25 0 7
Fits into the keyboard as though it were designed for this.
539 3 7 6
A PET graphics keyboard hacked to be USB enabled
Project Owner Contributor

Commodore PET USB Keyboard

J. M. Hopkins

484 21 1 3
A dedicated and modular keyboard for Cadence's Allegro PCB Designer, at first. And fully open source!