Quantity   Component name
1 × Cordless-drill motor/gear-box from a Ryobi drill with a 13mm chuck. It had been driven over and the handle was snapped off
16 × 18650 Li-ion cells from laptop-batteries
1 × Adjustable lever with short wire brake-cable Used to change gears on the dynamo. It can be set to a position and will stay there.
1 × A spring as the wire brake-cable can only pull
6 × Pipe clamps Someone's car is going to have overheating problems...
1300 × Countersunk M4 stainless-steel screws no I didn't really use that many, but I did use quite a few
1 × Chain from an old A3 photocopier
1 × Large steel sprocket stolen from an electric scooter
1 × Small aluminium sprocket manufactured using a hole-punch, a file and a piece of 3mm aluminium
31 × Mols of Aluminium atoms In a metallic bond. Aluminum pieces were obtained from my nonferrous scrap pile.