An automated open-source IoT indoor horticulture system.

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A converted beer-fridge powered by a Raspberry Pi built to monitor and automate: * Water flow and soil humidity * Fan speed (ambient temperature / humidity) * Soil temperature * Lighting * Water O2 / aerification * Camera (for time lapse) and more! Check out for more photos and updates!

It’s cold in Toronto and I love hot peppers, I also neglect my plants. I want to be able to grow delicious hot peppers year-round.

Because of these reasons I modified a 3.2 cubic foot refrigerator and jam-packed it full of processors, sensors, electricity, dirt, nutrients and water to build a learning, fully-automated indoor garden system.

Project goals

  • control moisture and temperature in soil
  • control a UV, IR and ‘full-spectrum’ light source(s)
  • camera capture growth progress with ability to ‘time-lapse’ and view in real-time
  • share configurations (“grow plan”) with other users
  • monitor air and soil health
  • low cost, high efficiency
  • eliminate odours with a blower & carbon filter

I will also be able to control all of this from my mobile phone.

The on-board API / web interface logs all events and performs actions based on real-time updates such as :

  • Turn on the exhaust fan when the temperature / humidity reaches a certain threshold
  • Turn off the grow-lights after a certain number of hours
  • Store settings in order to share and replicate future grow-cycles
  • View the camera as well as historical time-lapse videos
  • Maybe something fun with OpenCV

  • 1 × Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Board
  • 1 × REFLECTIX BP24010 24”x10’ Foil Insulation
  • 1 × 2 pcs lot High - precision UV ultraviolet light sensitivity UV light sensor VEML6070
  • 1 × Asiahorse MIRAGE 32LED 120mm Cooling PC Compute custom Quiet case fan 2PACK(RED)
  • 1 × SODIAL(R) 2X DHT11 Digital Humidity & Temperature Sensor Probe for HVAC Arduino PIC

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