Samsung Surface 2.0 Rebuild

Rebuilding a Samsung SUR40 Surface Table

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Just mucking around with a Surface table. Not sure exactly what I want to do with it so lets see where this goes.

Picked up a second hand SUR40 surface table and managed to (somehow) get the factory image from Samsung. Right now ive just deployed the image and am playing around with the base functions. 

The main goal is to try modernise the unit, with some basics. ie ram, hdd and OS. When I cracked it open the mobo, gfx, screen and input "visualiser" are all hardwired to each other so im going to be looking into either reworking the guts to accept newer hardware OR sending the touch inputs to a beefier remote machine and send the display back to the surface.

  • 1 × Samsung SUR40 Surface 2.0 Pixelsense Table

  • Input issues

    James11/21/2017 at 02:03 0 comments

    So I turned the table on last night and the input visualiser wasnt working. After rebooting a few times I tried to restore from the restore partition but this didn't fix the issue.

    Going to perform a full image tonight and see if it fixes the issue. 

    I have a feeling that it may have been due to working in a dark room but from past testing this has never been an issue.

    Worst case scenario im going to take it apart and check the connections.

  • Factory Restore

    James11/20/2017 at 02:53 0 comments

    So Last night I brought my new SUR40 home and started to install the factory image. Samsung gave me the image in a WIM format, some bat and txt files, imagex, a winpe disk creator and a PDF instruction booklet.

    I built the WinPE usb disk and since it was too small, transferred the necessary files to an external HDD.

    On boot, I used diskpart and list volumes to determine the allocated drive letter of the external HDD.

    Then I navigated to the folder and kicked off the bat file which starts the deployment. Thoughtfully, Samsung automated the whole process which results in a sysprep window allowing me to fully restore the out of the box experience.

    About an hr later, I had a factory imaged SUR40 with the full touch functionality restored.

  • A bit of history

    James11/20/2017 at 02:33 0 comments

    So on a previous SUR40 I was able to update it to the Windows 10 preview installing it over the Windows 7 OS. I was able to use the multi touch functions in the newer OS by copying the drivers from the C:\Windows\System32\Drivers folder in the old OS to the new one and it worked pretty well.

    I tested installing Steam and ran it in big picture mode which really made good use of the touch interface. 

    It worked well for strategy type games such as DOW, red alert etc however I had to use an overlay to translate the touch inputs to mouse inputs to control the game well.

    This unit is currently at a friends place so he can work on some of his own projects.

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iwinnick wrote 05/22/2020 at 18:15 point

I know it is a long shot, any chance you can send a link to the factory win imiage?

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