I had an extra garage door opener and decided to see if I could use the circuit board from it to make this work. Things couldn't have been simpler. The circuit board has 120V running to it, but I needed this to work from 12Volts (Same as the Mule Gate Opener). So I quickly identified a bridge rectifier on board and a large 25V capacitor. I measured 12V on that CAP when plugged in. Excellent.. So I connected a set of wires to that CAP (See picture) and WOW it all worked! So even the relays work. Since all I needed with a relay to be N/O I found there were contacts present on one of the header. They appear to give a 1 second closure. Perfect! Mount this is a waterproof case and wire accordingly.  Add a MYQ gateway and you'll have WIFI control. 

Thank You Chamberlain.