About the OWI

A project log for Owi arm controlled by a LEAP Motion

The idea is to create a non convencional interface to control a robotic arm

giovanni-lealGiovanni Leal 08/24/2018 at 15:170 Comments

Normally when people saw the project they always get interested for the arm( even though the LEAP is much more interesting) so lets talk about it. 

The arm is not a great robotic arm... in fact is a pretty crappy robotic arm, because it's a toy!!! Having said that, it is one of the best toys there is. Like really if you have a child and its age appropiate buy it for him, go ahead.

We choosed the arm beacause its cheap and easy to get to the components. Also it was a blast having to assemble it.  

In the instructions part we didnt talk about ditching the controller part because if you assemble it it wil be obvious. 

Resultado de imagen para owi robotic arm

The short comings to the OWI are pretty narrow but important... its a DC motor based arm so there is no positioning system. We encourage you to find a servo based and implement it a tell us about it. That would take real advantage from the LEAP and would make a great project.

Here in Hackaday you can also find how to make your own: