Led Grow Light

First, I wanted to buy 2 or 3 Led grow lights, but they were too expensive or not what I needed. So I decided to build my own Led light

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Led Plant Growi Light. I’m doing a bigger experiment with plants. It will be a long time project and I will make a special page for this. It’s not the most complicated circuit, but I took the chance to design, after a long time, a PCB Board.They will be ordered at I will post an update with the finished Led Light in a good month or so.

I need 2 Led lights with a length of 90cm. They will have 2 times 300 Led's and 12V/2A each one

It will be a mix of red and blue Led's. Green is not needed, because the plants reflect the green light

  • 200 × Metal Resistors 240 Ohm
  • 400 × ultra bright Led red
  • 200 × ultra bright Led blue

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tylersweetsauce wrote 11/15/2018 at 20:11 point

do you know how many Watts your outputting per panel?

im actually interested in buying some of these off of you! i have a very teeny tiny grow box that needs supplimental lighting on the sides AND from underneath,... and this is PERFECT for what i need! and technically i could arrange the diodes in any order i wish right? such as alternating color (RED/BLUE) every row, to spread the spectrum out a bit

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kaokahe wrote 02/22/2018 at 15:19 point

Where did you source your LED's?

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AVR wrote 02/05/2018 at 18:14 point

eager to see how well this light pans out for plant growth as time goes on. Would be a nice drop in replacement to my LED grow light design on here from a few years back. 

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Alain Mauer wrote 02/06/2018 at 19:06 point

Hi, the plants are still growing. I'm not a gardener but it seems to work. The second plant start growing 3 weeks after the first one. I'll will post  photos of the plants in a few days. 

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