M0+ Breakout Board

A breakout board for the Cortex M0, SAMD21G18A for use with Arduino.

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This board breaks out all the pins of the Cortex M0 SAMD21G18A. It has a debug header, micro USB connector, and on-board LiPo charging support. I initially designed this board to practice with the SAMD21 as well as to use it as a base for future projects. Read about it's development here: This board is compatible with either Adafruit's or Sparkfun's bootloader for Arduino. Suggestions and comments are welcome!

Full schematics and EAGLE files are provided in the Files Section.


x-eagle-board - 143.38 kB - 12/29/2017 at 17:08



x-eagle-schematic - 334.31 kB - 12/29/2017 at 17:08


Gerber Zip for OSHpark

Zip Archive - 84.03 kB - 12/28/2017 at 20:25


  • It came 4 months ago

    Ben Lim05/30/2018 at 03:54 0 comments

    I originally ordered the black silkscreen but the blue silkscreen from PCBway looks absolutely beautiful. I also made the lines 90/45 so it looks especially neat. 

    Thinking back I think that the lipo charging was not required since I don't use it that all often. Not at all in fact. I think the next iteration of this board is to make a version that fits nicely onto the breadboard like a DIP chip but with the bare minimum of an oscillator, caps, and a voltage regulator.

  • Init

    Ben Lim12/28/2017 at 08:37 0 comments

    This was a board that I put together in eagle as a foundation board for all my future projects. While the breadboard compatible layout is convenient, it would make the board quite long in this case. Female to male jumper wires is a good alternative, and there is less incentive to let it sit on the breadboard taking up valuable space.

    I finally figured out how to tent vias, and the board looks absolutely gorgeous compared to the first few iterations.

    I hope this design can be of use to others.

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Stp715a wrote 02/21/2020 at 04:52 point

First, thank you for posting your circuit.  I am trying to make it.  

One of the ICs on the schematic is labeled "MCP73831T"  which is a PMIC battery manager.  However the description is "fixed voltage regulator". The schematic has the pins of a SPX3819.  That is confusing but the most confusing is the Vout of this part goes thru a 10K resistor to ground. Would appreciate how you intended to use this.  Thank you.

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