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Hacking MorningStar

Morning.StarMorning.Star 10/16/2019 at 19:229 Comments

DoLs pulled out, stating that as they were in fact not asked to authorise Bea's care at the time of the incident they did not have a case to put to the Court of Protection - and therefore would not be assisting me.

Thats the final straw, I'm not going to be slandered and fucked over by those monsters for a measly £14k, the council can keep it. The social's Best Interests meeting next week will be focused on Bea getting one-to-one care and me getting passage out of this fuckhole debt free without me terminating anyone.

I'd rather go work for Ada than put up with this. No brainer. For my daughter I'll put up with a lot, but hands and knees scraping up body fluids again, nah, not to be laughed at, and not to be slandered as delusional, dangerous, or some kind of pervert even for money.

Bea doesnt have a problem with it, she hates this house, is fed up with the builders and the unfinished park and from the looks of it, me as well. I'm sick of her walking around naked, and this latest BS with the contraceptives that DoLs have also neatly sidestepped just leaves me hanging.

The carers also predictably didnt want to touch the contract and also quit.

Well, Shit.

So do I then.

They can keep their web of lies and struggle for control, Imma just walk out of here. Before they do drive me mad, or I do hurt myself or someone else.


salec wrote 10/17/2019 at 08:57 point

I see. So you would end up in harsh pound-me-in-the-ass prison because a magistrate would slap you with a fine for something your child-like daughter, a dangerous Vandal, did. 

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Morning.Star wrote 10/17/2019 at 13:19 point

Thats a little simplistic but yes basically.

I make Bea's decisions and am responsible for her. If she say caused a road traffic accident I'd have the same recriminations as a parent would - I'm responsible for her.

I'd be fined, given community service and a judge would remonstrate with me harshly but actual prison is unlikely. That costs them money to keep me, instead they would use me to clean up litter and graffiti.

If someone died as a result of my inattention, it would be fair comment tho.

And yes, non-payment of fines is a prisonable offence.

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Morning.Star wrote 10/17/2019 at 04:26 point

Nikola Tesla died at the hands of a corrupt authority, labelled mad and dangerous.

His crime? Free energy, preventing totalitarian rule.

Today, the civilised governments of the world do not murder those who oppose their will. They slander and marginalise them, throw them onto the streets where their stories are the fantasy of a drunken tramp. We've all spoken to a bum with an amazing story, bought him or her a cup of tea for the entertainment of listening to The Greatest ShowMan as told by the cheapest entertainer you can buy.

A sandwich for the worlds highest IQ, worlds widest skillset, worlds smallest 4x4x4 LED cube, worlds best known cardboard hack. Probably some more, but I'm not worried. I've done what I've done and could care less. Its mine, regardless what a bunch of greedy pigs think of it.

I'm MorningStar. I cant be imprisoned for it so I turn my back and walk from a bunch of thieves and cowards with no skill or talent of their own. They cant have mine, I wont give it. I'd rather destroy it than let them abuse it.

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salec wrote 10/16/2019 at 20:00 point

Can you come back for her later, when you recover from this long struggle and get some financial standing?

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Morning.Star wrote 10/16/2019 at 20:57 point

Yeah, of course. I have to voluntarily give up her advocacy, or become incapacitated in some way to have it taken away. Or become dead. Not gonna happen ;-)

If I get rich, I'll come back for her dude. Sue the shit out of Hench and that nasty blind woman as well, make a point that disabilities arent equal, or treated equally. None of us are...

She'll be fine, she's only denied decent care to deny me. If I remove the problem, they can actually find decent full-time care in couple of weeks maybe less. They will even consult me as an expert, if I dont threaten their illusion of authority in any way.

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salec wrote 10/16/2019 at 23:03 point

I hope you are right.

Can you explain me the DoL deal. I don't understand.

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Morning.Star wrote 10/17/2019 at 03:59 point

Bea was injured in care through neglect. DoLs were asked on several occasions to authorise her to be held against her wishes - lockdown, supervision, restriction of liberties. That is necessary for violent and particularly wilful clients who present a clear danger to themselves and other while unsupervised.

Bea doesnt classify, but Social Services used them to authorise her being held at a care home to overrule me, by not informing them I existed. As advocate, I'm the only authority the State can legally observe.

Thats why they are trying to incriminate, marginalise, destroy or otherwise rid themselves of me at any cost.

DoLs WERE going to put me in front of the Court of Protection, which they can apply to, for compensation and an over-ruling to free me from the social's tyrrany because they had authorised DoL under their supervision, however, the incident with the bra wire that injured Bea happened off their watch, they were not present as an authority.

Therefore, I can go fuck mysyelf, or die, or just get arrested for shouting foul, the State will keep my money, and do as it pleases - including slander, defraud and ignore me.

I'm off. Fuck them crossways, the dirty bastards.

If I persist, I face prison. I'm legally responsible for  Bea and liable for any misdemeanours she commits. So, I give up my advocacy and walk away from 14 grand, or have to pick up the soap. IDK about you but I dont want a world record for softest mouth, I'm gone dude.

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salec wrote 10/17/2019 at 10:06 point

Did someone threaten you with incapacitation or death?

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Morning.Star wrote 10/17/2019 at 13:08 point

Threatened with incapacitation, yes. The social worker attempted to get me to apply for Disability Living Allowance in my own right. I do that, and I basically volunteer that I'm disabled and remain a carer. It also breaks benefits regulations, a social worker would make the application on my behalf, as it would be refused first time. Then the social would appeal and an adjudicator will look at the application on its merits. I'm not disabled, my daughter is. If I accepted benefits as a disabled person I become a disabled person, with less rights than I have now as a carer and advocate.

In other words, the social would defraud the benefits agency on my behalf, and then later pull the rug out and the benefits agency sanction and fine me, I'd lose the house, Bea, everything, and be prosecuted for fraud.

This is how they work, they setup something that looks benign and then make it contentious later and hit you with it.

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