Remote sensor of ionizing radiation, temperature, humidity and pressure.

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Some time ago I've build remote sensor of ionizing radiation, temperature, humidity and air pressure, I decided to utilize Ethernet network as transport layer. Ethernet is great, but it has some serious disadvantages. First of all, it not always easy to run cable wherever you want, and my home network is not so wide.
Soon after I began to look for wireless alternative. At the beginning I excluded WiFi modules, then I came across RFM69 modules. They are small, cheap and even offer hardware AES support.
This way EtherGeiger was reincarnated into RFGeiger project.
This is basically the same sensor, with ENC28J60 chip replaced with RF module. Additionally I decided do use FT232 chip for configuration and debugging purposes.

This is still ongoing project. I am finishing hardware assembly, then I going to start writing the code.

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