GSM Gate opener - Remote controller

GSM Remote relay based on Orange Pi 2G-IOT for controlling gates and switching remote equipment by sending a text message or calling.

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GSM remote relay for controlling and logging the state of a garage door or other appliances.

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Asim Rasheed wrote 04/10/2020 at 07:51 point


I am making Asterisk PBX over Orange Pi - 2g IoT, using standard Ubuntu Server 16.4 available on Orange-Pi website ( Everything is working fine, but I am stuck on two issues,

a. How to add built-in GSM module of Orange Pi 2g IoT board in asterisk, so that A GSM trunk call/text can be transferred on SIP extension. I know chan-dongle, but asterisk is not detecting GSM module. I ahve tried different versions of asterisk.

b. How to change IMEI of Orange Pi 2g IoT

Looking for solutions


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gysjef wrote 08/05/2019 at 10:27 point

I will add some information that i used to get the orange PI to work this evening.

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moisesanderson wrote 07/27/2019 at 07:28 point

Hello! some one want start whit this proyect?? i love the idea, but i don´t fint much information on the internet for the orange PI 

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