Dual Power Portable 30W LED Flashlight

Portable with 9V, Stationary with Adapter

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This portable Flashlight can be powered either by the buildin 9V Battery or by cable. It has 3x10W LEDs with each should produce about 800-900lumen. That should combine to about 1500-2000 lumen.
It can easily be build in a day.

First, Solder LEDs in line, measure the hole needed for the LEDs and Cut that out. Then Cut the Hole for the switch. 
Connect all the wires, because the powerline adapter is only 9v no further regulation is needed, fix everything with hotglue (except the 9V Battery, use Bluetac or similar for that). Top the LEDs off with the Plexiglas.


Keep in mind, LEDs get hot. So use the enclosure open, when in longer use. When first powered, turn the Booster low and slowly turn higher until it is bright enough. Mine started to flash when the power was to high.

  • 3 × 10W LEDs 65cents per LED (in 10 Pack from china)
  • 1 × LX6009 DC/DC Booster 1,10€ (in 10 Pack from china)
  • 1 × Project Enclosure I used a mint box similar to altoids
  • 1 × Dual switch Local Electronics store, 1,50
  • 1 × Adapter for External power 2,50 in local Electronics store

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  • First Tests and next Iteration

    Sango10/29/2014 at 08:58 1 comment

    Well, after some short tests and now a little longer test last night i can put out some resume:

    + The Flashlight is bright and illuminates pretty good for example when doing something at night on the balcony etc.
    +/- the Battery holds up around 1 hour i would say. 240mAH 9V Rechargable.
    - The LEDs get hot, i knew that, but didn't expect them to melt the hotglue again, even with open lid

    So for the next iteration i will:

    - Use bright white LEDs not the warm white ones
    - i will somehow bolt the LEDs that the don't get loose because of the heat
    - Constant Current instead of constant Voltage.
    - And for that i might have to use 2x9V Blocks.....
    - i would like to add a charging mechanism, so that i can recharge the battery while it is plugged in.
    - Maybe i add a fan.... but that i would like to stay fanless....

    Maybe i need a bigger enclosure....

  • Video

    Sango09/21/2014 at 18:45 0 comments

    Here is a video

  • For the next time

    Sango09/21/2014 at 15:06 1 comment

    When i would do this again, i would certainly clean and paint the mint box first. 

    Also there is no room for a cooling Fan, which i would like to add as well. For this, the Battery would have to go. 

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