• UPDATE: Musical tone output working

    Ethan Durrant01/02/2015 at 20:51 0 comments

    It's been quite a while since I messed with this project. But the last time I did, I connected the AVR's PWM output through the Low-Pass Filter and in series with a capacitor to a 8ohm Speaker. My code took a 7-bit MIDI note code from the pins on PORTA and then was supposed to play that note from it's output. In testing in comparison with a musical tone generator on my computer, the note entered, when coming out of the AVR was always a note higher in pitch. I'm still not sure why that is, but I just did a simple fix in the code to play one note under the entered MIDI code, so the actual tone output is correct. So now my basic goal for the project has been fulfilled, but I have some Ideas to maybe extend it, such as double channels and different wave output selections for square, sawtooth, and triangle waves.

    The code folder here.

  • Sine Wave output confirmed!

    Ethan Durrant09/27/2014 at 23:53 0 comments

    Just tested the output signal through a simple low-pass filter, then fed into my Heathkit IO-12 oscilloscope. Showing a pretty nice sine wave so far. I'm not exactly sure if it is the correct frequency, but at least it's a sine wave.

    UPDATE: It should be 261.626Hz, and the there ~3.5 periods on the display, which is refreshing at around 80Hz if the knobs are correct. (261.626Hz)/(3.5) = 74.75Hz; So this is pretty close, and I am betting that the oscilloscope is the inaccurate one here, as it is very old, the knobs are loose, and it probably hasn't been calibrated for a long time, if at all. (Also I dug it out of my school's E-Waste)

    My old (but only one I own) oscilloscope:

    The STK500 with the ATtiny26 in my crazy ribbon-cable based 20SOIC to 20DIP breakout, with signal from OCIA is fed into a Low-pass filter consisting of a 1k resistor and 100nF cap, which then goes to the oscilloscope.

  • First code seems to be working!

    Ethan Durrant09/22/2014 at 06:19 0 comments

    I finally got to cleaning up and compiling the test code I wrote for the ATtiny26! This test code should be producing the "Middle C" note, with output from OC1A on PB1. The output seems to be correct when fed into my Stellaris Launchpad Logic analyser and OLS. It shows the PWM changing based on the table values. I have not listened to the audio yet ( people may be awakened!  ), or added a low pass filter for the Sine Wave generation, so those will have to wait.

    here's some pics from the logic analyser: