Features of basic design:

  • IR communication and remote control (probably will have a TV-B-Gone mode :) )
  • Generate the "Sonic Screwdriver" sound, and maybe be able to make others as well.
  • BLINKY LEDs! (duh.)
  • Potentiometer or rotary encoder for "setting" selection.
  • Buttons for things.
  • Some kind of readout (binary, 7-segment, bar meter, LCD).
  • 8/16-bit MCU (probably AVR, maybe MSP430).
  • maybe Serial communication for settings or to use a bootloader.

More Abitious features that will hopefully be implemented in "final" design:

  • Radio communication over 2.4GHz via nRF24L01+ modules
  • Accelerometer for gesture control and other uses.
  • ARM Cortex-M0/0+/3 MCU (probably STM32 because I've used that before)
    • probably using an RTOS ( most likely ChibiOS/RT )
  • (optional) a more advanced readout (OLED, LCD, projection! (jk) )
  • USB communication for cool things ( maybe uploading new sounds, setting changes, USB CDC serial, etc.)
  • rechargeable battery system (maybe charge over the USB port, or a DC jack)