ultra/micro bare bones board
Atmega32u2 protoboard

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This project is a fun and useful introduction to surface mount soldering. The goal of this project was to build a prototype board for a USB capable chip that could then be incorporated into other designs. The Teensy series of boards doesn't solve this problem as it uses chips that are not available in something you can solder by hand. At the time the project was designed the Atmega32u2 was the only TQFP32 chip that fit the bill, although now the 32u4 would be a better choice for rev2.

Some interesting uses for board include:
* Uses the DFU bootloader
* Can be used as a programmer for XMega
* Can replace other protoboards such as Teensy or RBBB

A couple of interesting aspects for this board are:
* the PCB doubles as a breakout for any TQFP32 chip
* the ISP connection uses a board edge technique to save space

(A revision will be needed to correct the solder bridges that were extremely difficult to bridge.)

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