16.9k 79 14 54
I stole from every one. The huzza from Adafruit. Matts breakout board. Al1s board from here. NodeMCUs DevKit.
Project Owner Contributor

Ignore this ESP8266 board


15.2k 127 3 49
This is a Breakout board for the Lepton Thermal Camera Module.
14.5k 68 17 40
Not as bulky as the nucleo boards, after all.
Project Owner Contributor

STM32F030F4P6 breakout board


3.5k 40 16 38
Awesome PCB - Very handy tool to place SMD components on your breadboard.
8k 72 18 33
Cool little ESP8266 Breakout Board / Flasher for NodeMCU
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266-01 Breakout


4.4k 31 5 30
just another cortex kit - Cortex M0 development kit with an Atmel SAM D21, a USB device port, an LDO, some passives and breakout headers
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Michele Perla

2.1k 24 3 26
Always wanted to have Msps ADCs on a Raspberry ... Let's dig into it.
Project Owner Contributor

20Msps+ ADC RaspberryPi HAT


10k 80 1 23
A breadboard friendly breakout board for ESP-07 / ESP-12 WiFi modules
Project Owner Contributor

ESP8266 (ESP-07/12) Breakout board


3k 47 21 20
A dev board for the ATMega32u4
Project Owner Contributor

uBBB 32u4

The Big One

5.7k 31 3 12
Breakout board for ESP8266 ESP-01 & 03 modules
Project Owner Contributor

ESP-01 & ESP-03 Breakout


538 56 4 12
An educational Arduino™ clone.
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Steve Smith

509 13 0 10
Foam cutting attachment for Solderdoodle! Recharge from a USB port! Replaceable tips. Easy-to-use!
1.1k 20 0 10
A simple breakout board for the FLIR Lepton LWIR Camera module specifically giving access to the SPI and I2C pins.
Project Owner Contributor

FLIR Lepton Breakout


1.3k 30 6 10
Breakout-boards for some of TI's motor Drivers
Project Owner Contributor

DRVxxxx Breakout


1.2k 40 0 9
A pin for pin breakout board for the Edison So you can breadboard prototype
Project Owner Contributor

Simple Edison Breakout Board

Stephen Edwards

1.9k 13 0 8
This is a last minutes speedrun breakout board to fill the unused board space for a Chinese PCB batch.
4.2k 23 1 8
Creating a breakout board for the TI CC3200MOD WIFI micro controller.
Project Owner Contributor

CC3200MOD Breakout

Jackson Keating

936 34 0 8
Custom PCB adapter for discrete inputs from console controllers and/or arcade sticks to USB HID.
675 29 0 6
Go beyond the Arduino and Launchpad with the Toadstool
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The Toadstool

Andrew Retallack

507 85 0 5
ever had one or two pin too less on an Arduino Nano? This is one solution.
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ATmega 16/32 breakout


1k 18 0 5
I wanted to try OSH Park, so I designed a simple breakout board for the AD849x thermocouple amplifier ICs.
Project Owner Contributor

AD849x breakout board


915 37 0 4
Simple Small MSP430 Value Line Breakout Boad
Project Owner Contributor

MSP430 Minimal


289 22 0 2
Breakout board for LPC122x family in TQFP48 package
Project Owner Contributor

LPC122x breakout


527 27 0 2
ultra/micro bare bones board Atmega32u2 protoboard
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Warren Janssens