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A project log for Frankfort: RGBW LED Ambiance Lighting

RGBW LED ambiance lighting with automation for Højskole dorm room

The ReverendThe Reverend 10/19/2014 at 20:100 Comments

Having sketched up the basics of the design in one of my many 'FIELD NOTES' notebooks, I always seem to have a pile of active ones, I was able to write up a list of the parts that I thought I would need for the project. Bearing in mind that I had no parts on hand and would have to get anything that I needed and I didn't want to have excess leftover that I would have to deal with when I leave Denmark at the end of the year. So at the very least I needed:

With this list inhand I turned to my old friends 'ebay', 'Deal Extreme' and 'Banggood' (Which despite its questionable name is a very useful DX type supplier) in search of economically priced parts for my project. Having researched the import requirements for New Zealand in the past I had developed a 'safe figure' of $200 (US$160), and knew that anything under that had no customs requirements. I had no such 'safe figure' for Denmark, after some digging on the internet I discovered that in order to avoid 23% VAT being charged at the border I needed to keep my orders below 80kr. That's about USD $13, so not a lot to play with, especially given that I needed a five meter roll of RGBW LED strip.

After some clever splitting and staggering of orders I had parts on the way and I could focus on developing the code, and some hardware schematics while I waited. Shipping from china was meant to take less the 30 days, so I had some time.