iTAG - ESP32

ESP32 as bluetooth tracker

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iTAG emulator with ESP32 it is intended to mimic the simplest iTAG 's on ebay

It implements
Battery Service 0x180F battery status
Immediate Alert 0x1802 Client sends alert
"0000ffe0-0000-1000-8000-00805f9b34fb" button ( GPIO 0 on ESP32 )

Usage :

itag.init("iTAG");        // BLE Init + name
itag.set_batt( 10 );      // Update battery status
itag.set_btn( 1 );        // Send state to client

This is code has it's roots from the following projects :

Mainly the work done by nkolban, his BLE_notify sketch

iTag protocol analyze by Thejesh

sample code for iTag32 made by anik

The following client software can be used


All tracker

GATT Services

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