This is a small (33×25mm) board with a SOT-23-6 ATtiny10, CR2032 battery and piezo transducer. It is designed to be used to create frequent annoying beeps at random time intervals and pitches. All the low-power stuff is done inside the ATtiny.

The inspiration came from the ThinkGeek Annoy-a-tron. This is similar but slightly smaller, and has the benefit of customisable firmware.

The first revision of the board is complete, and the firmware has been written.

This is public domain hardware and was designed in KiCad. EDA files are available through the Dropbox link on the project's homepage. Note: no identifying information is included on the board so that, should it be found, people won't know what it is...

There are a few changes I might make in a second revision of the board: pin one of the header is not ground, and the button is not connected to INT0 so it can't wake up the device from sleep.