This project was a result of too much time spent making almost identical breakout boards for SMT chips each time I wanted to test a new chip. 

So instead, I looked at what these boards had in common and distilled it into a single board.

It provides the option to pull up/pull down/power/ground each pin. Additionally, you can also provide filtered power to each pin. 

There is space for clocks so that you can connect external clocks to the mounted IC. 

The board was made to fit onto a breadboard for easy prototyping.

The ground and power lines are consolidated into one single pin, therefore, in order for you to breadboard a SMT chip with this board, all you need to do is to connect power and ground a single pin and you would have a completely functioning circuit.

I built this board because I have not seen another board do this, and I wanted it for my own prototyping purposes. 

This reduces the waste from having wires and capacitors all over the breadboard, and it allows you to easily deploy or remove this breakout whenever you want. You simply don't have to redo the entire process each time you want to prototype something new. Finally, I think the best part of this board is that it is reusable across different chips that have the same footprint because it is generic. 

The components were kindly sponsored by LCSC. They provide a very wide selection of parts, some of which you can't find in other distributors, and for jellybean parts, the prices are simply the lowest. I really like how they package the components because it minimizes waste, something I really struggle with when ordering parts