PCB and Assembly by MacroFab, Launching on CrowdSupply!

A project log for Zamek: The Offline Pocket Password Manager

Creating and retrieving passwords for all your accounts has never been this easy and convenient!

jareklupinskijareklupinski 05/10/2016 at 03:170 Comments

Latest PCB Revision, fabbed and assembled by the fine crew at !

I'm working on putting together a group-buy campaign for a batch of these with attractive cases! Sign up at to find out when you can sign up for your own!

This project will release its source files, containing board layout, source code, and enclosure designs, on the day the campaign launches, all published here on !

See all the details:

Here is a video showing the screen layout and data entry using the joystick:

There is also a PC app planned which will provide backup and restore to hard disk functionality, as well as make inputting credentials to your Zamek easier: