Coffeemaker Payment System

Adds a payment system and enables full control over coffeemakers with toptronic logic unit (for example from Jura) using the service port.

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This project offers full control over fully-automated coffeemakers with toptronic logic print, e.g. from Jura: Machine can be switched on or off, preparation of coffee, values can be read / written from / to the internal memory (EEPROM) for diagnostics and repair. Remote-control over the coffeemaker is possible via bluetooth. There is an app for the payment system as well and one for voice-ordering a cup of coffee.

The Coffeemaker Payment System turns adds a RFID-based payment system for offices and groups, where a commercial coffeemaker including a payment system would be far too expensive. Existing tags or cards (e.g. mensa cards or any other RFID card) can be used. Cards can be registered, charged and deleted using the CPS app.

Hardware: Arduino Uno or clone, RDM630 RFID reader, HC-05 bluetooth, LCD16x2 I2C, a housing and a few wires. And, of course, a coffeemaker (Jura Impressa S90 or 95).

This project offers full control over fully-automated coffeemakers. I made a payment system which uses common RFID tags. The tag number and the remaining credit is displayed on a LCD whenever a tag will be read and (and has been registerd before). An app for the 'coffee admin' allows registering, charging and deleting of RFID cards.

  • 1 × Arduino Uno Microcontroller
  • 1 × RDM 630 rfid reader RFID reader with antenna
  • 1 × HC-05 bluetooth module Bluetooth
  • 1 × 16x2 LCD (I2C) Display
  • 1 × Jura Impressa S95 fully-automated coffeemaker

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