I was going to be away for a few days and instead of relying on the process of having a friend come over just to feed the fish why not let a server dump one measured cup of fish food into the tank. I had an unassembled Adafruit DC Boarduino kit, an AdaFruit I2C 16x2 LCD/button kit, an RTC module from Amazon and a small RC Servo.

Bread boarded it up quickly since I was leaving the next day and it worked.

Currently the single event date/time to feed the fish is hard coded into the Sketch and the buttons do very little. Even the setting of the time into the RTC is a hack as I either have to remove the battery and let the Sketch upload so the date/time is that of the upload or I hardcode the current date/time to set into the RTC, upload the Sketch and then comment that line out and upload the sketch again.

Updates will be to use the buttons to set the trigger/event Date/Time and use the buttons to set the RTC Date/Time. Multiple feedings would be nice but I will have to figure out another way to dispense the crushed flakes.