1983 Star Wars Yoke to PC

Using a yoke from the 1983 Star Wars arcade game without altering it

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Creating a board to use the yoke with destroying any of the original pieces so that it can be re-used in an original cabinet

This is a refresh of my current project. I am re-engineering it to be easier to assemble and less hobbyist in the assembly.

  • 1 × WM1252-ND CONN PLUG 12POS .084
  • 12 × WM1271CT-ND PLUG .084
  • 1 × 20 AWG Wire
  • 2 × ED10565-ND CONN TERM BLOCK 2.54MM 6POS PCB
  • 1 × Teensy 2.0 USB-based microcontoller

  • Kickoff

    John Goewert01/22/2015 at 13:16 0 comments

    This is a project I have been wanting to revisit and make a more professional version.

    I originally did this project because there were many people out there using the controller to hook to their MAME devices and were doing some horrible conversion by snipping off the connector and doing a wonky solder to a disassembled USB game controller. I couldn't fathom destroying so rare of an object to save a few bucks to get it to hook up to a PC.

    My first go at this project looked like this:

    Something that irked me as I learned better processes is that my cable really needed some stress relief, didn't need so thick of wires, and really needs a case to protect it inside a cabinet.

    Upgrading it to use a Teensy 3.1 would be nice as well, though Teensy 2.0's are still available.

    Current sourcecode for the Teensy is at:

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