PS3 controller hack add macro keys function

Release a long sequence of combos pressing just one button
Project: Mortal Kombat Macro Keys (MK MK)

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One of the most difficult things to play MK are the various movements and buttons that must be pressed sequentially to release a simple combo.

And more, you need to memorize them all...

Thinking on it, I decided to modify my PS3 dual-shock controller, and add a special button.

A macro-key button ! Just press it once, and a super sequence of combos is released against your opponent.

Don't use it to promote yourself, ok ? This is something you should only use to cheat your friends ;-) sometimes worth kidding.

In fact what I did was hacking the controller and not the game. So yes, you can apply this project to any other PS3 game.

Schema and details at:

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