NDS Lite IOT Controller.

Repurposing old Nintendo DS lites as IOT controllers.

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I had 4 Nintendo DS lites laying around and a NDS flash card.
I wanted to get them talking with a RPI and a Arduino board. I had a Wiznet W5200 shield laying around, so I decided to use that for now. A get request is used on the NDS side to talk with the Arduino server. The server has code that will parse the GET URL, for example: sending /?H6 will set GPIO 6 to high.
It works pretty well being mounted above a lutron light switch.

Currently only does:
Change GPIO states for Test LEDs, the pins not used by the shield.
Talks to another Arduino Uno that is controlling WS2812 lights on the crown molding around the perimeter of the room.
Switches on/off relays for controlling my twilight laser star projector.

Video of the WS2812 control feature in action

  • 1 × Nintendo DS lite
  • 1 × Arduino
  • 1 × Wiz5200 Ethernet Shield
  • 1 × Raspberry Pi

  • Update 1

    tehaxor6904/24/2015 at 02:08 0 comments

    Wifi stack is unstable right now, keeps running out of memory, I could fix it, but I don't have the source to the Wifi stack. I can only run the program for 2 days, then it crashes.

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midnightcow wrote 08/31/2015 at 02:03 point

Dear tehaxor69!!!

I'm so interested on your project. Your project is very funny & new ideas.

I'm an engineer worked at WIZnet provides the ethernet chip such as W5100, W5200, and W5500 to Arduino.

Will I introduce your project on WIZnet museum(

If you need my some help about WIZnet chips, feel free contact to me.

Thank you in advance. 

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tehaxor69 wrote 02/20/2016 at 13:40 point

I really enjoyed using the 5200 board for my projects, it's great for simple IOT projects, and it doesn't suffer that momentary lag that most other boards have that I've tried.

I still use it for controlling a Laser Kaleidoscope I have.

I did switch to the Raspberry Pi after I started using much larger web pages, and had more devices connecting to it at once.

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